In order to be more employable we need more employable skills. We have already discussed the popularity of the medical field. Obtaining training in the medical field is a way to sure up your employment. But what other skills can we gain in order to bolster our resume? The answer; language. Having the credential of being fluent in another language besides your native tongue, definately makes you more interesting to potential emplyers. And just like the medical field is a hot job trend, spanish is a hot language trend. It can also compliment your training in any field, including medical. After the 2000 census, hispanics were identified as the largest number of minorities in the United States. When we think of unreported illegal aliens this number is actually greater than reported. Many customer service jobs are requesting job prospects fluent in spanish only need apply. Just read your local paper or online job posting board. As an adult with pressing obligations, class time dedicated to spanish lessons may not be realistic for you. There are now learn at home options available to you. For more information click the following link