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This is strictly about me-going from Welfare 2 Wealth, my interdependance on God and financial sufficiency. There's no "fakin' it till I make it" going on here. Just me being real "doin' it and gettin' through it". I think there are many other women in the world like me. Women with barriers and a heart to do better. THIS IS OUR STORY!

On the Welfare Side: These are posts showing me going through the struggles of getting from one socio economic level to another.

On the Wealth Side: These are posts that I consider wealthy. Wealth does not just include money, buy health, happiness and family- but a little money wouldn't hurt either.

Fearless By Max Lucado

Well in between making mad dashes all over town to get the kids enrolled in school I've been reading Max Lucado's newest book Fearless. This book was so insightful. Max Lucado is a well know Christian author, yet until now I had not had the chance to read any of his work. Well let me say my first introduction to Max Lucado was no disappointment. In the book Fearless he describes the everyday woes that tend to bind and trap people from moving from one level to the next. Nearly every fear man faces is addressed with a scriptural way of Escape. I think this book is so deep because Max Lucado is not afraid to expose his own fears and he describes every scenario with such detailed feeling and comparison that you can't help but to relate. On a scale of one through five, I give Fearless 5 stars.

Softball Awards

On the Wealth Side.....

This weekend the kids played their last softball game of the season. They had a blast. Coach Tony of Living Faith Ministries keeps the cost of playing low - only $5 per child. The player costs goes towards their award ceremony at the end of the season. Each game the score is kept hidden, so the kids can focus on building their skills. But the kids usually estimate who won the game at the end. Two of my kids were on the winning side and my oldest son was on the other team. But in the end he still won because they all gained confidence, character, team player skills, and stamina.

It's The First of The Month

On the welfare side.....

Anyone receiving assistance knows how important the first of the month is. Enough said. Remember this old school video?

Thank God It's Friday

On the wealth side.....
Oh what a difference a day makes! During the summer our city has outdoor concerts on Fridays. The name of the event is Friday Night Live. Today was Swing Night. The crowds turned out and we had a great time. Best of all the entertainment is free. I spent about $8.00 on Crazy Bread and icecream for the kids. The kids even got a chance to enjoy face painting and some carnival type games. I think that makes up for missing softball practice yesterday. What do you think?

Can't wait till Friday

On the welfare side.....

This was my gas tank Thursday evening. I had to pick the kids up from their summer program and hope and pray to make it home. They had softball practice that unfortunately we didn't have enough gas to make it to. Saturday is the last game of the season let's hope missing this practice didn't hurt their A game.

We were disappointed, but kept ourselves occupied and we knew it would all be alright because Friday was comin'.

Weight Loss

On The Welfare Side.....

Every Wednesday the local food bank distributes free food boxes at a community center. I only pick up a box if food is low at home and that usually happens at the end of the month. Today was such a case. I waited in a line for close to 2 hours. During that time many people began cutting in the line. I thought this was unfair, but remained ethical in my approach. While waiting in line an additional truck pulled up and dropped off cases of a Green Tea Weight Loss Drink. I guess it was something that didn't sell at the Supermarket. The authorities in charge at the community asked people to form a line in order to get a case of the Weight Loss Drink. I opted to remain in the food line, since there isn't much my kids can do with a weight loss drink. People began taking more than one case and the authorities called out to them to return the extra cases. The people just kept running down the street. Wow- my only hope was that the community center officials wouldn't get frustrated and just say "no food will be passed out today." They didn't and even though my back felt like it took forever, eventually I received my box. It contained: day old bread, lots of chocolate, lemonade, flavored water, some unmarked cans and juice. The kids are excited about the chocolate and lemonade and I am thankful.

On The Wealth Side.......

So I have been working on my fitness goals. My motivation for fitness started when I began an "unpaid" Dental Assistant Internship at a local Dental office back in May. All the Dental Assistants at that office had been working on losing weight since the beginning of the year. There were 4 of them and they each had shed approximately 30 pounds.

At lunch time everyone was journaling their meals and reading Self Magazine. With that kind of influence who could avoid jumping on the band wagon. So I became conscience of my weight or overweight shall I say. After journaling my meals I discovered where my weight problems came from. I could never figure out why I didn't lose weight, because in general I ate healthy things, like turkey on whole wheat for lunch, low fat milk, no fried foods etc. Well my journal looked something like this: Monday thru Thursday - Healthy meals, Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Pizza, Chocolate, Ice Cream, Oreos and the list goes on.

Okay so what was I thinking that I could eat healthy all week and binge on weekends and my body would just cooperate? Not!

So I've got the binging in check now and I use a great online journaling tool called http://sparkpeople.com/. It's completely free and I love it. I journal my food, read inspirational weight loss profiles, and watch free fitness videos. I have lost 10 pounds so far.

Well I didn't get hired at the end of that Dental Assisting Internship, but I sure do have a new found interest in health and fitness. Hey you have to see the silver lining in every cloud right? Who knows with my entrepreneurial spirit and God blessed mind for creativity, I may just create my own job in the fitness world.

Learn Spanish at Home

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