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This is strictly about me-going from Welfare 2 Wealth, my interdependance on God and financial sufficiency. There's no "fakin' it till I make it" going on here. Just me being real "doin' it and gettin' through it". I think there are many other women in the world like me. Women with barriers and a heart to do better. THIS IS OUR STORY!

On the Welfare Side: These are posts showing me going through the struggles of getting from one socio economic level to another.

On the Wealth Side: These are posts that I consider wealthy. Wealth does not just include money, buy health, happiness and family- but a little money wouldn't hurt either.

Softball Awards

On the Wealth Side.....

This weekend the kids played their last softball game of the season. They had a blast. Coach Tony of Living Faith Ministries keeps the cost of playing low - only $5 per child. The player costs goes towards their award ceremony at the end of the season. Each game the score is kept hidden, so the kids can focus on building their skills. But the kids usually estimate who won the game at the end. Two of my kids were on the winning side and my oldest son was on the other team. But in the end he still won because they all gained confidence, character, team player skills, and stamina.

It's The First of The Month

On the welfare side.....

Anyone receiving assistance knows how important the first of the month is. Enough said. Remember this old school video?